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Organizational Behavior

Developing interpersonal skills enriches relations with people around you, including your customers, colleagues, bosses and family. In order to build strong teams .........

Organizational Compliance

The diversity in organization is beautiful but it is important to organize diverse nature carefully in line with organizational culture. Participants will learn why it is important ..........

Professional Selling SKills

At the core of this program is a more effective and more professional sales approach. This approach depends on asking a series of questions in a specific order. It will enable.......

Customer Service Mindset

When you put your customers into the heart of your business, you make customers part of your service culture. This is a core concept in this high energy workshop. ...

Negotiation for Results

This two-day workshop is focused on setting in place principles for the development of robust negotiation skills. it will provide you with tools to promote effective

Japanese Etiquette

Explore the business etiquettes and protocol of Japan in order to establish your business successfully in Japanese market and to build mutual understanding with Japanese ....

Japanese Language (N4 & N5)

Learn Japanese to prepare yourself for a better future as the Asian economy rises and more opportunities for work are available nowadays.

Business English

Enhance your career with professional English language skills. This course is designed to help you develop English skills with a focus on business contexts.

Sale Management

After completing this highly interactive two-day program, participants will understand the responsibilities of a successful sales manager and how

Authentic Leadership

Organizing skill is an important leadership competency and the training hones managers’ organization management skills. At the core of the training is the ability

Speech Writing

In this workshop, participants will explore critical steps in writing a speech that captures audience’s interest. Practical exercises and constructive feedback from the workshop will enable

Project Management

The training will enable participants to execute projects in line with business goals. Participants will be equipped with techniques on managing teams and expectations to .......

Problem Solution

In this workshop, participants will be trained and consulted to solve the underlying problems in organization. Problem-solving process with tools and techniques will be provided

Logical Thinking and Writing

In the information age, it is critical to organize the information effectively to make critical business decisions.

Excutive Leadership

Basic Finance

Finance for non-accounting people and employees from different departments. Participants will be able to understand the foundation of finance and how accounting works.

Excutive Leadership

People Management

From the highly interactive training, participants will be equipped with essential skills to inspire people to develop ownership mindset which enrich overall job performance

Mothering Management


Remember the hardest time in terms of communication with boss/subordinates? Intensive group discussion and brainstorming sessions will equip participants tools and theories

Executive Leadership


This intensive workshop for executive leaders will answer the questions such as: How do you assess your business and the external environment? What are the best way to grow

Executive Leadership


The training will tackle on operation process and set operating target for organization. Participants will learn how to develop action plans, including necessary trade-offs between

Executive Leadership

Setting up Success for Other

Learn Japanese to prepare yourself for a better future as the Asian economy rises and more opportunities for work are available nowadays.

Workplace Cooperation & 5S

Explain workplace cooperation and its benefits, recognize the basics for workplace cooperation to be successful and set up Enterprise Improvement Teams (EIT) and .............

Quality Management

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to learn importance of quality, collection and using data to improve quality and managing the quality

HR Management

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to learn paradigms and change, HR lifecycle such as recruitment, motivation, training and skill development ....

Occupational Health and Safety

By the end of this training course, the attendees will learn importance of safety, health hazards, welfare and wellbeing hazards, personal and psychographical hazards.